AEA with jquery.biggerlink – Usability plus semantics

  1. An Event Apart Boston 2009

    June 22–23, 2009

    Boston Marriott Copley Place

  2. An Event Apart Chicago 2009

    Oct. 12–13, 2009

    Sheraton Towers

  3. An Event Apart San Francisco 2009

    Dec. 7–8, 2009

    The Palace Hotel

I re-marked-up of this portion of the An Event Apart conference home page to demonstrate that with a little JavaScript it is not necessary to sacrifice semantics for the sake of usability.

Eric Meyer attempted to solve the problems presented by wrapping block level elements with an inline anchor by turning to HTML 5.

Browsers are not ready for HTML5 so Eric was forced to replace the headings with semantically weaker classed spans.

JavaScript provides another approach. jQuery with biggerlink make it easy! View the source.