Consuming habits

Still within the first handfull of posts here, I have become distinctly aware of my creation / consumption imbalance.

My absorption of weblogs was launched over the last few years by research into techniques necessary to create accessible websites that didn't discard control over design. Bloggers presented, and still do, the cutting edge of CSS mastery.

Before NetNewsWire I was relying on Internet Explorer's (IE 5 Mac) subscription function to alert me to changes to the sites I was following. Although it worked wonderfully for some sites it was useless for others which I had to remember to check. NetNewsWire and the enthusiastic adoption of RSS by the blogging community (or at least my discovery of it) has seen the number of sites I scan regularly explode.

The time I spend checking out the posts of a particular site has been whittled to an efficient minimum. Which has allowed me to just look at more and then some. The maintenence of this information habit is not been without it's benefits, I've learnt all sorts of useful stuff. But it greatly reduces the amount of time remaining for me to create things of my own.

Clearly there is a skill to this balancing act. One that I'm yet to master. Stay posted I'm working on it.