These are some things I’ve made and shared in the hope that others such as yourself might find uses for them. All are considered works in progress, so I welcome feedback or any ideas you may have for improvements.


Bookmarklets (or favelets) are bookmarks for your browser that, when clicked, rather than loading a favourite website – run JavaScript to modify the page you are viewing.

Tidy URL Bookmarklet

Strips Google Analytics Tracking parameters from the URL of the currently viewed web page. Uses history.replaceState if available to avoid the need for a page reload.

Video still bookmarklet

Grabs a still from the first video element in the page, inserting it as an image in a new window.

jQuery plugins

Some extensions to our favourite JavaScript library.

Automatic line-height – jQuery plugin

I’m very proud to present my first jQuery plugin: jquery.autolineheight. In a nutshell, this JavaScript adjusts the line-height of a container (such as a div) in proportion to it’s width, relative to the font size.

Biggerlabel – jQuery plugin

Assign a block element as a proxy for a label element it contains. Useful for making checkboxes and radio buttons even easier to click.

Biggerlink – jQuery plugin

A jQuery plugin to make it really easy to enable the specified element/s to behave as a proxy for their first contained link. Uses additional css classes to provide the means for the specified element to visually reflect focus and hover states of it's contained link/s.

NetNewsWire styles

Restyle your feed reading.

Ollicle Crisp – NetNewsWire style

NetNewsWire 2 (the non-lite version anyway) added a number of new elements to the display of each feed. I took the opportunity to make a fresh break and named the evolved version of my style ‘Ollicle Crisp’. You may recognise it as a predecessor to Ollicle Reflex.

My first NetNewsWire stylesheet

Initially untitled, this was the first NetNewsWire style to use fixed positioning to keep the title of the entry visible when scrolling. I made a few more little changes to this style up until the release of the beta of NetNewsWire 2.

Ollicle Flex – NetNewsWire style

Built on the CSS foundations of Ollicle Crisp; This style introduced presentational JavaScript to improve feed reading comfort in NetNewsWire in ways CSS alone cannot. Kept here for prosterity.

Ollicle Reflex - NetNewsWire style

A stylesheet for NetNewsWire that uses clean typography, clever CSS and crafty JavaScript to smooth out the rough edges of feed reading.

Ollicle Wittrodt – NetNewsWire style

This stylesheet for NetNewsWire loads the linked web page instead of displaying the feed itself. It is a simple hack born from a question posed to the NetNewsWire email group.

Ollicle X-ray – NetNewsWire style

An excuse to play with possiblities offered by generating content with CSS, this experimental stylesheet still proves occasionally useful for a quick look under the hood of the markup of the viewed news item.