About Oliver Boermans

Known as Dad by Rory, and Ollie by almost everyone else.

He is a husband to Kerina, front end web developer to Fusion, and feeder to a magpie family near Adelaide in South Australia.

In the previous millenium Ollie studied advertising and graphic design. He applied these skills to make logos and nice printed things—working in a traditional studio for a few years.

Come 2000, he shifted to designing for digital. The ever growing toolkit offered by the web has kept Ollie engrossed in his work for the decades since.

Professionally, Ollie’s contribution to design presently is as a user experience advocate. Building bridges between design and dev, he codes web front ends with a focus on usability and accessibility.

Ollie has put some (mostly old) things on GitHub and as a climate crisis distraction, shares half baked thoughts and ideas on Mastodon.