About Oliver Boermans

Professionally I’m web designer. Living in Adelaide, South Australia; Employed by Fusion since 2000, my time is spent tweaking pixels, text and ideas for a variety of mediums.

Between Fusion and my design degree, John Nowland Design employed me as a graphic designer in the more traditional realm of identity and print design. Less geek, but more design.

My chief area of technical expertise lies in front end web development. Despite the occasional code dabble I won’t claim to be a programmer. That’s okay with me – I have more to offer as a thinker than a tinkerer. As long my work (and play!) stimulates both sides of my brain I’ll be happy.

Besides spending way too much time reading blogs I enjoy photography and can’t play enough German style boardgaming.

Contact Ollie

My email address is easy enough to guess. Hint: it ends with ‘ollicle.com’

Oliver Boermans is a design geek in Adelaide, South Australia: ollicle.com is a place for Ollie to rant, reflect and share. Feed