Ollicle Flex – NetNewsWire style

Development of this style has been abandoned in favour of Ollicle Reflex which inherited the features of Flex and more.

Built on the CSS foundations of Ollicle Crisp; This style introduces presentational JavaScript to improve feed reading comfort in NetNewsWire in ways CSS alone cannot.

  • Resizes large images to fit your HTML pane width.
  • Optimises text line-height (leading), also depending on your window width.
  • Switch between two layout options with a click (great for photo blogs and comics!) and;
  • Stores this preference per feed (with a cookie).

Ollicle Flex screenshot

ollicle.com entry: NetNewsWire style with free cookies

Download: ollicle-flex.zip

Oliver Boermans is a design geek in Adelaide, South Australia: ollicle.com is a place for Ollie to rant, reflect and share. Feed