NetNewsWire styles

NetNewsWire is the Mac application that satisfies my feed reading needs. In August 2003, with Version 1.0.4b3, Brent applied WebKit and custom CSS stylesheets to task of presenting feed content in NetNewsWire. Since then I’ve been tweaking custom styles for my own use and amusement. This project page brings them together.

Ollicle Crisp – NetNewsWire style

NetNewsWire 2 (the non-lite version anyway) added a number of new elements to the display of each feed. I took the opportunity to make a fresh break and named the evolved version of my style ‘Ollicle Crisp’. You may recognise it as a predecessor to Ollicle Reflex.

My first NetNewsWire stylesheet

Initially untitled, this was the first NetNewsWire style to use fixed positioning to keep the title of the entry visible when scrolling. I made a few more little changes to this style up until the release of the beta of NetNewsWire 2.

Ollicle Flex – NetNewsWire style

Built on the CSS foundations of Ollicle Crisp; This style introduced presentational JavaScript to improve feed reading comfort in NetNewsWire in ways CSS alone cannot. Kept here for prosterity.

jDefault – JavaScript style template for NetNewsWire

JavaScript style template for NetNewsWire.

Ollicle Reflex - NetNewsWire style

A stylesheet for NetNewsWire that uses clean typography, clever CSS and crafty JavaScript to smooth out the rough edges of feed reading.

Ollicle Wittrodt – NetNewsWire style

This stylesheet for NetNewsWire loads the linked web page instead of displaying the feed itself. It is a simple hack born from a question posed to the NetNewsWire email group.

Ollicle X-ray – NetNewsWire style

An excuse to play with possiblities offered by generating content with CSS, this experimental stylesheet still proves occasionally useful for a quick look under the hood of the markup of the viewed news item.