Ollicle Crisp – NetNewsWire style

NetNewsWire 2 (the non-lite version anyway) added a number of new elements to the display of each feed. I took the opportunity to make a fresh break and named the evolved version of my style ‘Ollicle Crisp’.

The ‘meta’ information of each feed is presented in a neat block to right of the description. When reading feeds using NetNewsWire’s traditional layout the meta block, like the title, holds it’s position when you scroll the window.

In contrast, when using the widescreen layout you are likely to expect the feed text to span the full width of HTML pane leaving no space for the meta block. Ollicle Crisp works around this problem by using some layout specific styles. In the widescreen view the meta block sits out of the way - underneath the news item description. The combined view does not display this meta information anyway.

Also, when NetNewsWire’s preference for highlighting feed changes is enabled, passing your cursor over the description of a feed will toggle the display of the <ins> and <del> elements created to emphasise differences between the current and previous versions of a news item description.

This style is an ancestor of Ollicle Reflex, try Crisp if you are stuck with a very old version of NetNewsWire.

Ollicle Crisp screenshot

ollicle.com entry: New NetNewsWire CSS