jQuery plugins

If you are already familiar with styling HTML with CSS, jQuery will give you a kick start into using JavaScript to enhance your pages. jQuery looks after the basics and hands responsibility for specifics to plugins.

I’ve created a few to meet specific challenges that come up frequently or to simply demonstrate and idea.

Automatic line-height – jQuery plugin

I’m very proud to present my first jQuery plugin: jquery.autolineheight. In a nutshell, this JavaScript adjusts the line-height of a container (such as a div) in proportion to it’s width, relative to the font size.

Biggerlabel – jQuery plugin

Assign a block element as a proxy for a label element it contains. Useful for making checkboxes and radio buttons even easier to click.

A jQuery plugin to make it really easy to enable the specified element/s to behave as a proxy for their first contained link. Uses additional css classes to provide the means for the specified element to visually reflect focus and hover states of it's contained link/s.

Imagefit – Image scaling jQuery plugin

A jQuery plugin which scales images to fit their parent container. Written for use in a NetNewsWire style.