Tall tales and big fish

9:07 PM 3 December 2003

Caught a free preview to Tim Burton’s latest wonderful creation Big Fish last night.

When it comes out, in Februrary here in Australia, by all means get out and pay to see it. If your taste in escapism is anything like mine you won’t be disappointed. This movie is a delightfuly surprising story about storytelling itself. Indulgent in all the finest ways including those Mr Burton is best known for…

Yes, there are spiders and trees that come to life, but it is the mix of reality and fairy tale that brings it to life.

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    9:07 PM 4 December 2003

    Hey Ollicle,

    I bagged my limit of Cray’s and abalone each day of diving, now I’m in Sydney and on the job hunt. I have invested a week of hunting so far. Two interviews have been arranged for tomorrow, so with any luck one of those is suitable.

    Otherwise it’s back on the campaign trail… I hope all is well in Ollicle land.. :) I will be sure to get in touch next time in the fair town of Adelaide. :)


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