Jodi Phillis

11:00 PM 28 November 2003

I’m yet to hear an another artist sing the word fuck as beautifully as Jodi Phillis.

You may remember her as one of the distinctive and wonderful voices from The Clouds. I never followed them closely, possibly because at that point I wasn’t following any music or musician’s “closely”, but I still listen to a bunch of their tracks regularly.

On wednesday night Jodi played here in Adelaide at the Grace Emily to a small but attentive and appreciative crowd. She made some excuses for her voice on account of the smoke to which she was unaccustomed. At which point I ought to mention, “respect to the Jade Monkey” (another great place for live music in Adelaide - made better by being smoke free!).

To my ear Jodi had no cause for excuses - she sounded great.

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