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12:59 AM 11 October 2003

Just a short rant regarding a small CSS tweak to my NetNewsWire user stylesheet.

A few RSS feeds appeared tonight with particularly long titles. These were originally cause for me to update my NetNewsWire stylesheet. Hence my surprise to notice these overly descriptive titles - were wrapping once again and overlapping the precious description below.

I can only suspect that this is due to my recent upgrade to OS X 10.2.8 and the improvements to Safari’s CSS rendering that came with it. Keep up the good work Dave!

The background of the newsItemTitle is maintaining it’s fixed height but failing to restrain the text it contains. My intended result is simply restored by specifying overflow of .newsItemTitle as hidden.

.newsItemTitle a {
    overflow: hidden;

Rather than repost the full stylesheet completely I have updated the previous update to include this property.

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