Analog time

7:03 PM 19 October 2003
8:51 PM 29 May 2011

Compared to the numbered digital display there is something more human and approachable about the analog clock. The challenge of displaying the time on with a friendly face and hands demonstrated why I hadn’t seen this any other blogs. Like most clocks, they look simple, but look behind the face and there is a complicated mesh of gears and springs.

I’ll post details of what makes them tick for anyone else who might want to wander down a similar path - but not before they get some further refinement.


The little clocks that now appear here in their appropriate locations need work. I can see that they are demanding at least an additional half-hour position for the hour hand, it needs to be closer to the following hour after the first half hour. And there is room for more contrast between the hour and minute hands.

Regardless of their shortcomings I like them. They are little information rich bullets punctuating the entries, and as a bonus provided me with a fun set of puzzles to solve in their construction. I vote to that they stay.

Further thoughts

12 January 2006

More about the making of these clocks here.

4 April 2010

These icons have got lost in the wash in my latest site upgrade. Someday I may do the work to build something to take their place.


  1. Jono
    7:03 PM 21 October 2003

    I dunno ollie. I have to look at the gif and then work out what the time is. thinking hurts me ollie.

  2. Commented
    7:03 PM 22 October 2003

    Gotto agree they give slightly more pain than the digital text equivalent. I decided that the exact time of each post is rarely significant so I could get away with playing with them a little. But, just for you Jono, I included some soothing numbers in a title tag. Just hold your cursor over that pesky clock face.

  3. Jono
    7:03 PM 24 October 2003

    cheers ollie. another question: how do we know the author of each comment in the comments window?

  4. Commented
    7:03 PM 27 October 2003

    That stupid pop-up comment window is on it’s way out. Look at the individual achive for the entry to see the comments in context. Click on the entry title at the top of the entry or after the “Link to” link at the bottom.

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