Flashy Applescript applications

Applescript applications generally restrict themselves to the system widgets available. Although I believe this is a good thing, a couple of newish applications led me to thinking what might be possible if you added the graphic power of Flash to the flexibility Applescript.

Missing Link is a simple AppleScript utility that lets you open, run or launch almost anything on your Mac from a link or a bookmark in a browser. Files, folders, applications, script applications, and a variety of other file types can be linked on disk much like files are linked on the web… but when clicked, linked items behave just as if they had been double-clicked in the Finder.”

SWF Desktop… The only application that easily and reliably converts Flash .swf files into wallpaper. Now Available for Mac OS X.

If Missing Link were to allow connections between Flash and Applescript they could provide for some interesting interface possibilities. Not unlike Konfabulator I guess.

Further thoughts

It took me a while to follow this one up. Here’s a demo