Ashamed American

The Ashamed to be an American

In my week off I realized I’m ashamed to be an American. Why is it not OK for Janet Jackson to show her boob on national TV, but it’s OK for our military to show live killing of Iraqi military on TV?

What else do you expect to see on the boob-tube!

The same footage appeared on commercial network news here in Australia. After playing it a few times it was shown in slow mo with the offending nipple given the criminal big pixel treatment. Am I the only one who finds this absurd?

Australia has some catching up to do on the media driven craziness that seems to consume the US. Sadly I think we are catching up.

This free trade thing, if it kicks off, will likely give us a push. A steady flow of imported “affordable entertainment” will replace local content between ad-breaks.

Before a few years ago I had never heard an Aussie express similar dismay regarding their thinning national pride.

Maybe I was sheltered, maybe I didn’t care. Most likely Australia has changed.