Hide frontend editing links with CSS

Adding Frontend Editing for MovableType is high on my ‘ollicle improvements’ list.

I don’t have PHP set-up but being partial to a low tech solution I figure I can hide the admin links with CSS.

In the MT template something like:

<div class="adminonly">
<a href="<MTCGIPath>mt.cgi?__mode=view&_type=entry&id=<MTEntryID>&blog_id=<MTBlogID>">
  Edit Entry

In the CSS file something like:

div.adminonly {display: none;}

Clearly the obvious problem with this is I can’t see the links either! Easily overcome with an addition to my browser’s custom stylesheet.

HTML#ollicle div.adminonly {display: block;}

The ID ensures that if I visit another site with the same idea I don’t have to see their admin links.

I haven’t tried this yet but certainly intend to.