Missing link with Flash

7:21 PM 23 February 2004
8:51 PM 29 May 2011

I mentioned the possible use of a Flash UI for AppleScript a while ago. Peter Bunn - developer of Missing Link has asked me to demonstrate how a link in a Flash movie could open a Mac file, application or folder using his AppleScript application. So I put together a basic demo.

Click on the button and Flash will open whatever URL you put in the field - if you happen to have Missing Link installed and you use the Open:/ protocol - a valid path will open that particular directory or file on you Mac.

Without real two way communication between the Flash movie and the system I can’t see it having ground breaking significance. Regardless - it works.

Further thoughts

My interesting in Flash has waned somewhat over the years. Removed the links to the now misplaced files. Not anticipating they will be missed.

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