NetNewsWire CSS refinement

12:59 PM 25 January 2004

A custom stylesheet improves the general readability of the RSS posts in my copy of NetNewsWire. Every once in a while an entry appears amoungst the RSS feeds I regularly read that doesn’t include a link on the title.

My NetNewsWire stylesheet applied the fixed positioning, padding etc to the A tag within newsItemTitle - posts without this tag (rare as they are) were not being styled as I intended.

Finally, as a distraction from something else I ought to be doing, I opened ollicle_nnw.css once more — fixing it was simple.

Moving the positioning and padding attributes to .newsItemTitle made it behave just like the linked title — hugging the top of the window despite scrolling. To counter the extra padding in it’s parent element I added negative margins to the A tag. Lastly a different colour and background colour to .newsItemTitle distinguishes unlinked titles from the regular linked variety.

Not a dramatic change I admit, but an improvement regardless. My previous entry on the subject and the ollicle_nw.css both reflect this update.

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