Oh no SOHO

I realise my posts to this site are not frequent, but must Ecto rub it in by informing me of another upgrade every time I launch it? Actually it’s reassuring to know that my investment is improving. Even if ollicle.com is left looking neglected from time to time, Ecto continues to get shinier.

In contrast Chronos has left me wondering if my copy of Sticky Brain is ever going to get any brainer. My curiousity led me to discover to the apparent reason my favourite sticky note maker was losing it’s tack. Chronos has been kept busy creating a desktop publishing application especially for making business cards. As Chronos boldly claims, ‘SOHO Business Cards’ can make a designer out of anyone”.

This statement really gets my goat. I’d like to say it’s no more true than a hammer makes you an architect. Unfortunately I could call myself a designer without my five years of conscientious study; I could type the word designer (perhaps in Chalkboard regular?) under my name on my business card without my seven years of industry experience; I could even do it with a felt-tip pen on the back of someone else’s card without the assistance of a DTP application such as SOHO. Architects on the other hand, at least in Australia, must earn this prestigious title.

I didn’t mean to lead myself into a discussion of the pros and cons of accreditation for graphic designers. Self empowerment is wonderful, I love the idea of everyone getting stuck into something creative. Just remember software will never make you a good designer, only you can do that.

To further my point that software doesn’t make design Chronos is holding a competition to gather designs to include with their software. Be sure to read No. 5 of the General Rules. If you think an iPod is a prize worth designing for, keep in mind there is only one iPod. For the thousands of hours of design work that Chronos will likely get in exchange it’s a great deal – for them at least.

Don’t sell yourself short. It might feel nice to know people are using your design in DTP software around the world, but it will never feel as good as earning that iPod by designing something for someone in particular. I mean a design for a person, tailored as an extension of their identity. Especially when they appreciate and respect you enough to pay you for your effort.

With SOHO Business Cards out, Chronos is promising an overhaul of clever old Sticky Brain. I just hope they make it easier for me to sync my sticky databases between home and work. Either with my hard earned iPod or perhaps over the net?