Discovering PHP

1:14 AM 20 June 2004

Lately I have been getting myself tangled up in JavaScript while attempting to pass variables to Flash. ActionScript Hero pointed me to a tutorial from Neil Webb which got me thinking PHP might make this a whole lot cleaner.

When I first selected my hosting options I made sure PHP was available. Perhaps Introduction to Flash and PHP will be my first step.

Further thoughts


  1. Commented
    1:14 AM 23 June 2004


    I just found your weblog and was impressed by these little watches in front of every “date-string” how do you make this ? is it a MT-plugin ?

  2. Commented
    1:14 AM 23 June 2004

    Marc, I made the clocks from scratch with photoshop. They are inserted into the page with CSS and some modifications to the MT template. Read more about them here

  3. nico
    1:14 AM 3 July 2004

    php is sexy.

    but say bibi to a well shaved skin.

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