The pre-upgrade lull

Now that Movable Type 3.1 has launched, this site can hope to catch up (tortoise style) with the great stuff the new version to offer.

A rather raw version of MT3 has been bubbling away on my localhost since it came out. The pace of the Beta releases and time spent cleaning up comment spam has slowed progress on to a plodding crawl. I’m looking forward to the next steps, in particular – a link blog.

The new sub-categories capability opens up the possibility of replicating my bookmarks online, but it will be a lot of work to get to that point so I’m keeping my eyes open for different approaches. The less structured approach that presents has it’s attractions and new toys such as tide well for it’s future. My concern is that finding a particular, carefully categorised, link may become more difficult without the step-by-step path I’m accustomed to traversing through my bookmark folders.

Is a best of both worlds too much to hope for? Can a tree be just a different way of looking at a cloud?