Petals around the rose answer

2:10 AM 22 September 2004

Google is great for finding answers to many of life’s puzzles; Although, for some healthy problem solving satisfaction I recommend trying to work some things out for yourself.

The process that will help you find the solution is like any creative obstacle course - it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

To start off, your conscious mind is in charge. You find yourself steaming through all the old familiar methods - looking for the logic. Persevering with this seemingly useless exercise will be tedious and hopefully infuriating.

Frustration is a good sign you mind is moving into the next step. Push it a bit further because while you are busy calculating and cursing, your subconscious is watching and taking notes. Don’t despair when the demands from your conscious self for distraction become impossible to ignore - take a break - it’s your mind’s opportunity to put the serious machinery into gear.

After satisfying your need to focus at something nice and simple, like reading a few RSS feeds, revisit the problem. The level of euphoria you feel when the answer appears from nowhere (your subconscious knows better) will be proportional to the agony endured getting there.

The answer to the rose petals puzzle will be on the net, but why look out there when the answer is right in front of you!

Further thoughts


  1. NIKI
    2:10 AM 6 November 2004


  2. alext
    2:10 AM 14 November 2004

    this is the solution:

    there are _ for every dice roll of _, and _ for every dice roll of _.

    God i hate that game

  3. Commented
    2:10 AM 14 November 2004

    Sorry alext to cruelly censor your kind assistance to Niki - but giving it away is not in the spirit of the game. Those ready to give up you can find the cheat elsewhere.

  4. amanda
    2:10 AM 9 December 2004

    Help me! I can’t figure it out!

  5. Commented
    2:10 AM 9 December 2004

    Okay, okay - I’ll try to give a hint that could well apply to a number of puzzles of this style.

    Think carefully about why the inventor of this puzzle is presenting us with dice rather than just numbers. The title is part of this presentation.

    Although I’m not sure if the title is there as a clue (it is, I promise!) or just a reason to kick ourselves once we have got it.

  6. Tehno Lord
    2:10 AM 22 December 2004

    The name of the game is realllllllllllllly important

    Most people (including me) think waaaaay to hard

  7. Commented
    2:10 AM 5 January 2005

    Hello big brother Ollie! This is a good game, but it’s too confusing for me!! By the way where is your guestbook?? Don’t tell me you don’t have one! I’m shocked. Heheheh. Maddi.

  8. Commented
    2:10 AM 6 January 2005

    Hi Maddie, I’m working on an update for this site right now. I guess I could call a page ‘guestbook’ and have comments similar to these on it. Is that what you meant? What makes a guestbook different to comments?

  9. Commented
    2:10 AM 10 January 2005

    Hello! Well the difference is that this page is about comments about one particular post you made and the guestbook is more for the whole site. Does that make sense? A guestbook is basically just comments.. so your right. Except it’s easier for someone to locate a “guestbook”. Lalala! :-)

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