This week I have had to say farewell to a dear friend. I bought my beautiful 5GB firewire wonder (aka olliPod) in January 2002. Since then my iPod has been by my side more often than not. The battery time wasn’t what it used to be and the hold switch was getting dicky, but these are the kind of flaws you forgive in those you love. It wasn’t these signs of age that killed it, but rather my tolerance of the overly worn belt clip that kept my tunes handy. Even though four years is a long time in iPod years, my iPod died before it’s time with a nasty sounding clap on the footpath.

That night, after a quiet day, upon connecting the firewire, I was startled by a loud click and a series of ominous icons, fatally concluded with the graphic of a sad face of an iPod.

I’m missing my daily dose from the Escape Pod back catalog, and keeping up with the Science Show is a little more difficult; So it won’t be long before I start thinking seriously about a replacement. It’s funny to think for the price I payed for my first generation iPod I could now buy a 60GB and a couple of 1GB shuffles with the change. Even so, I’m still hesitant to replace my friend before it’s clear what Apple has up their sleeve for the next generation.