Safari 3 fix for Ollicle Reflex

If you are using my NetNewsWire style Ollicle Reflex and recently installed the Safari 3 beta, you may have noticed the style’s article title hide/show behaviour is broken (it no longer shows). Installing the new version of Safari also updates Webkit which other applications, such as NetNewsWire, incorporate to render HTML. Many thanks to Andy for bring this problem to my attention.

The good news is amending this only requires a small JavaScript amendment. I’ve updated Ollicle Reflex (version 5) to include this fix (no other changes).

I’m looking forward to experimenting with the Webkit update in my NetNewsWire styling endeavors. I expect to find many of the old frustrating bugs squashed. Fingers crossed too for poor old Brent, that some of the crashing bugs that have been plaguing NetNewsWire 3 combined view are resolved. Although, sadly, it will be some time before the version of Webkit bundled with Safari 2 can be disregarded.

Further thoughts

10 March 2008

Another update with a bunch of improvements: Ollicle Reflex refined