Happy birthday BlotBot

9:15 PM 5 December 2010

Today was BlotBot’s first day live on http://blotbot.co/. I wanted to mark the day with a brief introduction.

Recently I completed a short introductory course on SVG. I took Wednesday mornings off work for 5 weeks to complete our set assignments. The last open brief assignment, and a few weekends, resulted in the first version of BlotBot.

Also worth crediting:

  • Ben Alman’s jquery hashchange plugin that helps keep the blots bookmarkable in a few more browsers.

  • A stripped down version of Paul Irish and Faruk Ate?’s Modernizr. A feature detection JavaScript library that helps keep BlotBot nice to visitors whose browsers don’t support SVG.

  • SVG-Edit proved very valuable for creating some of BlotBot’s precise forms.

Follow @blotbot on Twitter, where I hope to continue blotspotting for as long as someone’s interested.