Back from the dead

Today I took this site offline for a few hours while I moved aside the old bones to make room for a brand new skeleton. Naturally the skin and flesh still need some work.

The old was powered by an ancient version of Movable Type, held together with discontinued plug-ins and the kind of bits that most people use to hold their bread bags shut.

Upgrading became easier once I had made the tough decision to discard anything that wasn’t straight forward to transfer, or couldn’t wait until another day. I’ve scraped the templates back to the bone for a clean fresh start. The page and folder management offered by the current Movable Type system has proved useful to build some permanent homes for my project pages.

The main navigation is the one part on which I’ve spent some time messing with CSS and jQuery. Even that has a way to go to satisfy me that it’s right. With the big upgrade job out of the way there’s a myriad of design details waiting for attention. The content of this site though, is in greatest need for time investment. Going though the old entries to fix broken links and images made me all the more aware of the need to dust off my neglected projects.

Feels good to blog again.