An update

Time for an overdue update on my styles for NetNewsWire.

After some sustained breath holding for the follow up release of the full new version of NetNewsWire - Brent’s selling of his baby to Black Pixel has revealed the copious work to be done before we see a fresh release.

Changes to how the styles are loaded in The Mac App Store enabled lite version broke my hacky method for loading JavaScript library files; This together with undocumented changes to the template tags has left Ollicle Reflex non-functioning in what is the newest version of NetNewsWire. It is impossible to know if the full version will share these changes, so time I might spend now working around them would appear premature.

Most NetNewsWire users likely have little reason to consider the possibility of more styles than what come in the box. They are focussed on the delivered content and the shipped styles are more than adequate for that. With bigger problems to solve such as the big bad sync monster and the ever evolving ecosystem of content sharing services to cater to, styles are unlikely be high on the Black Pixel hit list for NetNewsWire 4 and nor should it!

If you disagree don’t waste your energy telling me about it, send Black Pixel a note. In the meanwhile I’m not fussed. NetNewsWire 3.2 works great and I’m in no danger of running out of internet to read.

Hearty congratulations to Brent for having the courage to admit his NetNewsWire family had outgrown his humble home. I’m looking forward to where Black Pixel take them almost as much as I am to seeing what Brent pulls out of the shed now that the ‘kids’ are out from under his feet.

Speaking of children and exciting change, come October, my beautiful and clever fiancé Kerina and I are expecting to be actual non-metaphorical parents.