January 2004

Stick up for the little guy – iPod mini

Posted 9 January 2004

Personally I think it is great! To put my take on it in perspective I need to point out I still use and love my first generation, 5 gig, iPod.

Stealing the past

Posted 19 January 2004

The future of CD packaging, buying music, Aphex Twin and the iPod.

Stereolab and To Rococo Rot

Posted 21 January 2004

.. stereolab : news .. > We can now confirm that To Rococo Rot will support Stereolab from Glasgow to Brussels. Beautiful bleeps galore. Damn! Sometimes I hate living on this side of the world. Someone over there please see...

NetNewsWire CSS refinement

Posted 25 January 2004

A custom stylesheet improves the general readability of the RSS posts in my copy of NetNewsWire. Every once in a while an entry appears amoungst the RSS feeds I regularly read that doesn't include a link on the title.