New year upgrade

Posted 12 January 2006

I have the blueprints laid out for laying a new foundation for ollicle.com. Expect some uneven ground here while the heavy machinery is still moving around. Check back soon.


NetNewsWire style with free cookies

Posted 4 February 2006

This is a relaunch of Ollicle Flex, a style for NetNewsWire which makes use of cookies. No doubt you are scratching your head, 'I thought styles were written with CSS', you may think, 'What have cookies got to do with how my feeds look?'.


NetNewsWire styles project page

Posted 26 March 2006

My friend and colleague Nicolas suggested wisely that I make it easier for people to find my NetNewsWire styles. I've made a start with a dedicated project page.



Posted 4 June 2006

The newest addition to my regularly used applications is the cheerily named WebnoteHappy. This fresh indie Mac app is a bookmark manager with excellent del.icio.us integration. I'm excited to talk about it partly because it integrates some key features I hoped for in a del.icio.us client after discovering Cocoalicious. It's inspired me to continue thinking about my dream del.icio.us client.


Family tree markdown

Posted 14 August 2006

At a family gathering not long ago, thinking out loud, I suggested the web would be the best place for the updated family tree. Knowing full well that ideas alone don't get anything done--I felt obliged to put the theory into practice.


Posted 23 August 2006

This week I have had to say farewell to a dear friend. Even though four years is a long time in iPod years, my iPod died before it's time with a nasty sounding clap on the footpath.


Quick accessibility fix with jQuery

Posted 17 November 2006

IE 7 has inherited the IE 6 problem with keyboard navigation and inline anchors. The otherwise time consuming fix was made simple with little a JavaScript – made even easier with jQuery. JavaScript to improve accessibility! Who would have thought...

Reflex for NetNewsWire

Posted 28 November 2006

Ollicle Reflex in an evolutionary improvement on my last NetNewsWire style – Ollicle Flex. Now updated to version 4.