Site directory changes made painless with htaccess

Posted 29 January 2005

On a whim I've decided it would be nicer and less ambiguous to use month names abbreviated to three characters. What might have been a major change is made minor with the addition of several lines to a .htaccess file.


nofollow comment

Posted 1 February 2005

I installed the nofollow plugin here a few days ago. To the hardworking comment spammer attempting to cut a living from this cruel world, I apologise. Just keep in mind that it's nothing personal.


Big Macs and hot chips

Posted 12 June 2005

There is no lack to read on the subject, but most people seem to be overlooking some of the design consequences arising from Apple's move to Intel.



Firefox CSS bug NOT

Posted 3 September 2005

A CSS parsing bug in Firefox? No just another reason to validate my code.


Another NetNewsWire style

Posted 9 October 2005

A nagging desire to find a novel and useful application of the template.html file in a NetNewsWire style and thoughts regarding the limitations of web typography came together a few weeks ago while I was reading another of the many blog posts on the pros and cons of flexible vs. fixed width web layouts. Why not use a little JavaScript to make line spacing relative to line width?

Flex CSS with JavaScript for better reading

Posted 12 October 2005

As a web designer with a print background I hate what happens to text on flexible (or fluid or jello or just sloppy!) web pages. It is impossible to set a line-height with CSS that will suit both a narrow and a wide formats of the page. Generally we have to compromise with something in the middle and hope that's how most people will see it. Why not use a little JavaScript to make line spacing relative to line width?