Default position

Posted 16 August 2003

Another fresh default install of Movable Type, another blog, another first entry.

Template mirror

Posted 18 August 2003

For development purposes I have set-up a duplicate, offline, copy of the skeleton of ollicle.com on my Mac at home. OS X makes this pretty painless, I may document some key pointers I stumbled upon setting mine up in a...


Posted 18 August 2003

A well meaning work buddy has lent me his copy of Myst III Exile. Determined to make some impact here before I put the first of four CDs in. I'm going to delete a few bits unneeded bits from index...

Measuring the goodness of a worm

Posted 20 August 2003

As a solution AntiBlaster was criticised for the damaging internet traffic its deployment created. Beyond that, the difference between AntiBlaster and what Microsoft is considering seems to be a fine one.

Consuming habits

Posted 22 August 2003

Still within the first handfull of posts here, I have become distinctly aware of my creation / consumption imbalance.


Posted 24 August 2003

Maude says,

NetNewsWire meets Web Kit

Posted 24 August 2003

Keen to see this in action I had a go making my own NetNewsWire style sheet. The most interesting aspect of the CSS below is the use of fixed positioning to keep the title of the entry visible in the non-combined view.


No more archives

Posted 2 September 2003

There appear to be a lot of reasons for customising the default archiving preferences for Movable Type. I believe my changes have resulted in a more elegant, friendly and future proof system for this site. On most points I have...


Posted 3 September 2003

Tonight I made a quick stab at adding a favicon to this site. A little lacking in refinement at this point, but like the rest of the site, I'm happy with small beginnings. Safari required no encouragement to show it....

Flashy Applescript applications

Posted 4 September 2003

Applescript applications generally restrict themselves to the system widgets available. Although I believe this is a good thing, a couple of newish applications led me to thinking what might be possible if you added the graphic power of Flash to...

New favicon and inner truth

Posted 6 September 2003

In coming up with the new design it seemed fitting for the Ollicle to draw some inspiration from the Oracle:

Scientific literacy for designers

Posted 6 September 2003

My suspicion that I'm actually a frustrated scientist lost inside a graphic designer has been confirmed today. The endeavours of both designer and scientist are creative problem solving activities in which an understanding of the world is of equal benefit....

Updated NetNewsWire stylesheet

Posted 11 September 2003

After using my proposed CSS for NetNewsWire for a few weeks I'm very happy with it. Giving something back to the wonderful NetNewsWire was good for the warm fuzzies but has also improved my everyday experience using it. My trial...

404 with more

Posted 14 September 2003

Looking at my web stats I was surprised the other day when I saw how many

Favicons in NetNewsWire

Posted 30 September 2003

Favicons in NetNewsWire? Why Not? And a rant about users' presentation control in a RSS reader in contrast to a browser.


NetNewsWire load feedback

Posted 1 October 2003

People seem to like the idea of favicons in NetNewsWire. Although another possible trade-off occured to me, beyond the odd ugly icon.

newsItemTitle overflow

Posted 11 October 2003

Just a short rant regarding a small CSS tweak to my NetNewsWire user stylesheet. A few RSS feeds appeared tonight with particularly long titles. These were originally cause for me to update my NetNewsWire stylesheet. Hence my surprise to notice...

Comment spam

Posted 11 October 2003

I'm suprised that this small humble site has already been subjected to comment spam. Hey spammers don't bother! I don't get the traffic to warrant it. So far I have only had a few which were simply deleted, but it...

Analog time

Posted 19 October 2003

Compared to the numbered digital display there is something more human and approachable about the analog clock. The challenge of displaying the time on ollicle.com with a friendly face and hands demonstrated why I hadn't seen this any other blogs....

Making time

Posted 26 October 2003

What better time than the first day of daylight savings to be thinking about time. The time icons have had the subtle upgrade they demanded since my last post. As promised I’m documenting their construction. Lately I have spent a...


Does colour make you sleepy?

Posted 1 November 2003

I had the good fortune of being one of 400 people present when Matthew Collings, of This is Modern Art fame, gave a lecture here in Adelaide late yesterday.

Hail to the Thief

Posted 18 November 2003

Dear EMI Yesterday I purchased Radiohead – Hail to the Thief. I am very disappointed to discover that the Copy Control Technology prevents me listening my new music on my iPod. This greatly reduces the value of the CD as...

Jodi Phillis

Posted 28 November 2003

I'm yet to hear an another artist sing the word fuck as beautifully as Jodi Phillis.

Farewell Stonie

Posted 30 November 2003

Right now I'm pretty sure Stonie is somewhere in Kangaroo Island bagging another fish or sea dwelling meal. If not, his holiday is over and Andrew Stone is looking for a job in Sydney. He ought to have no trouble...


Tall tales and big fish

Posted 3 December 2003

Caught a free preview to Tim Burton's latest wonderful creation Big Fish last night. When it comes out, in Februrary here in Australia, by all means get out and pay to see it. If your taste in escapism is anything...