September 2003

No more archives

Posted 2 September 2003

There appear to be a lot of reasons for customising the default archiving preferences for Movable Type. I believe my changes have resulted in a more elegant, friendly and future proof system for this site. On most points I have...


Posted 3 September 2003

Tonight I made a quick stab at adding a favicon to this site. A little lacking in refinement at this point, but like the rest of the site, I'm happy with small beginnings. Safari required no encouragement to show it....

Flashy Applescript applications

Posted 4 September 2003

Applescript applications generally restrict themselves to the system widgets available. Although I believe this is a good thing, a couple of newish applications led me to thinking what might be possible if you added the graphic power of Flash to...

New favicon and inner truth

Posted 6 September 2003

In coming up with the new design it seemed fitting for the Ollicle to draw some inspiration from the Oracle:

Scientific literacy for designers

Posted 6 September 2003

My suspicion that I'm actually a frustrated scientist lost inside a graphic designer has been confirmed today. The endeavours of both designer and scientist are creative problem solving activities in which an understanding of the world is of equal benefit....

Updated NetNewsWire stylesheet

Posted 11 September 2003

After using my proposed CSS for NetNewsWire for a few weeks I'm very happy with it. Giving something back to the wonderful NetNewsWire was good for the warm fuzzies but has also improved my everyday experience using it. My trial...

404 with more

Posted 14 September 2003

Looking at my web stats I was surprised the other day when I saw how many

Favicons in NetNewsWire

Posted 30 September 2003

Favicons in NetNewsWire? Why Not? And a rant about users' presentation control in a RSS reader in contrast to a browser.