Stick up for the little guy – iPod mini

Posted 9 January 2004

Personally I think it is great! To put my take on it in perspective I need to point out I still use and love my first generation, 5 gig, iPod.

Stealing the past

Posted 19 January 2004

The future of CD packaging, buying music, Aphex Twin and the iPod.

Stereolab and To Rococo Rot

Posted 21 January 2004

.. stereolab : news .. > We can now confirm that To Rococo Rot will support Stereolab from Glasgow to Brussels. Beautiful bleeps galore. Damn! Sometimes I hate living on this side of the world. Someone over there please see...

NetNewsWire CSS refinement

Posted 25 January 2004

A custom stylesheet improves the general readability of the RSS posts in my copy of NetNewsWire. Every once in a while an entry appears amoungst the RSS feeds I regularly read that doesn't include a link on the title.


The other spherical desert

Posted 1 February 2004

It seems the Bush administration would prefer American's had their eyes on the stars.


Posted 1 February 2004

Nicolas of lightfocus.org honoured me with an invitation this weekend to contribute some pixels to noized. It's been far too long since I last set out to have some shameless fun with photoshop. The excersie has impressed on me once...

Force of numbers

Posted 3 February 2004

I have been considering getting myself a PC at home for web testing and a bit of desktop gaming. A tricky decision as my Mac has a growing need to be upgraded.

No intelligence

Posted 3 February 2004

While Bush and Blair tell us they have decided to investigate the bleeding obvious.

Welcome Blake

Posted 6 February 2004

This evening Blake Kimber-Mair came into the world. All 9 pounds – 50cm of him. Congratulations Robyn and Damien! I can't imagine what he will make of Blake's Seven – perhaps by the time he sees it he'll have is...

Ashamed American

Posted 8 February 2004

The Ashamed to be an American > In my week off I realized I'm ashamed to be an American. Why is it not OK for Janet Jackson to show her boob on national TV, but it's OK for our military...

Plumbers tap

Posted 16 February 2004

It's not a new expression but it goes a long way to describe the lack of design attention apparent on this site. Tonight I am making some superficial changes (i.e. CSS only) to ollicle.com. The usual excuses have held me...

Testing the fabric

Posted 17 February 2004

Yesterday I attempted to give the *new* Textile 2.0 a _spin_. I had some problems so here goes Textile 2.0.1.

Missing link with Flash

Posted 23 February 2004

I mentioned the possible use of a Flash UI for AppleScript a while ago. Peter Bunn – developer of Missing Link requested a demo.

MTDateHeader begone

Posted 28 February 2004

Tonight I shifted my entry titles into their rightful `H2` position. Until now this esteemed slot was occupied by the entry date, as it does in the default templates from MovableType. I understand why the MT templates were built this...


Multiple classes

Posted 5 March 2004

Why didn't anyone tell me you could apply more than one class to a HTML element? I guess I didn't think to ask.

TypeKey comments

Posted 20 March 2004

Sixapart are warming us up for the imminent release of MovableType 3 and the centralised comment registration service it and TypePad will use. I got excited for a moment, reading the description of TypeKey, by the potential of centralised commenting. Of course this is not the function that inspired the creation of TypeKey, but fun to consider anyway.

text 2 HTML without the lock down

Posted 28 March 2004

Jay Allen points, in his post The CMS and inline HTML, to an issue which I have been recently giving some thought as I consider switching between Textile to Markdown.



Scripting the Photoshop text object

Posted 16 May 2004

Photoshop's lack of scripting support for selections in it's text object has brought my latest Applescript efforts to a sad dead end.


Month expired

Posted 7 June 2004

My month expired long ago. After some research I decided any digital camera within my experimental budget effectively technically was a pinhole camera. The ideal kind of digital camera to adapt for pinhole use would be the SLR type with detachable lenses and full manual control over exposure times. My scanner still has plenty of work to do before I can justify that kind of luxury.

Oh no SOHO

Posted 13 June 2004

Improving technology continues to make many professions redundant. But another piece of desktop publishing software on the market should not worry graphic designers.

Discovering PHP

Posted 20 June 2004

Lately I have been getting myself tangled up in JavaScript while attempting to pass variables to Flash. ActionScript Hero pointed me to a tutorial from Neil Webb which got me thinking PHP might make this a whole lot cleaner.


The pre-upgrade lull

Posted 3 September 2004

Now that Movable Type 3.1 has launched, this site can hope to catch up (tortoise style) with the great stuff the new version to offer. And, can a tree be just a different way of looking at a cloud?

Upgrading the future

Posted 11 September 2004

While listening to clever people discuss our collective future on the Science Show (ABC Radio National), I’m messing with the future of this site. Posted with Ecto 2.0 beta.

Petals around the rose answer

Posted 22 September 2004

Google is great for finding answers to many of life's puzzles; Although, for some healthy problem solving satisfaction I recommend trying to work some things out for yourself. The answer to the rose petals puzzle will be on the net, but why look out there when the answer is right in front of you!


Results of the 2004 Australian Federal Election

Posted 10 October 2004

I blame my Mum and Dad. If I was brought up as a narrow minded, self centered, shallow thinking bigot – I'd probably be feeling contentment instead of frustration, anger and dismay.

A dream delicious client

Posted 11 October 2004

A little over a month ago I mentioned my contemplation of tag based bookmark management. Since then I have made a commitment of sorts to move my links to del.icio.us. Lately, instead of working though my bookmarks and uploading the links I want to keep, I have been thinking about how I would like to explore and navigate these links later.

New NetNewsWire CSS

Posted 27 October 2004

Version 2 of NetNewsWire (currently in beta) provides a bunch of new elements for a custom stylesheet to get a handle on. The possibilities provided by these new elements, and the fact that my old CSS is broken in this new version, motivated me to create a fresh style for NetNewsWire 2.


Inside-out NetNewsWire stylesheet

Posted 15 November 2004

Unlike my previous style for NetNewsWire, this style is not designed for reading. X-ray instead exposes the underlying HTML structure of the displayed post, highlighting common tags and their classes.