October 2004

Results of the 2004 Australian Federal Election

Posted 10 October 2004

I blame my Mum and Dad. If I was brought up as a narrow minded, self centered, shallow thinking bigot – I'd probably be feeling contentment instead of frustration, anger and dismay.

A dream delicious client

Posted 11 October 2004

A little over a month ago I mentioned my contemplation of tag based bookmark management. Since then I have made a commitment of sorts to move my links to del.icio.us. Lately, instead of working though my bookmarks and uploading the links I want to keep, I have been thinking about how I would like to explore and navigate these links later.

New NetNewsWire CSS

Posted 27 October 2004

Version 2 of NetNewsWire (currently in beta) provides a bunch of new elements for a custom stylesheet to get a handle on. The possibilities provided by these new elements, and the fact that my old CSS is broken in this new version, motivated me to create a fresh style for NetNewsWire 2.