February 2004

The other spherical desert

Posted 1 February 2004

It seems the Bush administration would prefer American's had their eyes on the stars.


Posted 1 February 2004

Nicolas of lightfocus.org honoured me with an invitation this weekend to contribute some pixels to noized. It's been far too long since I last set out to have some shameless fun with photoshop. The excersie has impressed on me once...

Force of numbers

Posted 3 February 2004

I have been considering getting myself a PC at home for web testing and a bit of desktop gaming. A tricky decision as my Mac has a growing need to be upgraded.

No intelligence

Posted 3 February 2004

While Bush and Blair tell us they have decided to investigate the bleeding obvious.

Welcome Blake

Posted 6 February 2004

This evening Blake Kimber-Mair came into the world. All 9 pounds – 50cm of him. Congratulations Robyn and Damien! I can't imagine what he will make of Blake's Seven – perhaps by the time he sees it he'll have is...

Ashamed American

Posted 8 February 2004

The Ashamed to be an American > In my week off I realized I'm ashamed to be an American. Why is it not OK for Janet Jackson to show her boob on national TV, but it's OK for our military...

Plumbers tap

Posted 16 February 2004

It's not a new expression but it goes a long way to describe the lack of design attention apparent on this site. Tonight I am making some superficial changes (i.e. CSS only) to ollicle.com. The usual excuses have held me...

Testing the fabric

Posted 17 February 2004

Yesterday I attempted to give the *new* Textile 2.0 a _spin_. I had some problems so here goes Textile 2.0.1.

Missing link with Flash

Posted 23 February 2004

I mentioned the possible use of a Flash UI for AppleScript a while ago. Peter Bunn – developer of Missing Link requested a demo.

MTDateHeader begone

Posted 28 February 2004

Tonight I shifted my entry titles into their rightful `H2` position. Until now this esteemed slot was occupied by the entry date, as it does in the default templates from MovableType. I understand why the MT templates were built this...