September 2004

The pre-upgrade lull

Posted 3 September 2004

Now that Movable Type 3.1 has launched, this site can hope to catch up (tortoise style) with the great stuff the new version to offer. And, can a tree be just a different way of looking at a cloud?

Upgrading the future

Posted 11 September 2004

While listening to clever people discuss our collective future on the Science Show (ABC Radio National), I’m messing with the future of this site. Posted with Ecto 2.0 beta.

Petals around the rose answer

Posted 22 September 2004

Google is great for finding answers to many of life's puzzles; Although, for some healthy problem solving satisfaction I recommend trying to work some things out for yourself. The answer to the rose petals puzzle will be on the net, but why look out there when the answer is right in front of you!