August 2003

Default position

Posted 16 August 2003

Another fresh default install of Movable Type, another blog, another first entry.

Template mirror

Posted 18 August 2003

For development purposes I have set-up a duplicate, offline, copy of the skeleton of on my Mac at home. OS X makes this pretty painless, I may document some key pointers I stumbled upon setting mine up in a...


Posted 18 August 2003

A well meaning work buddy has lent me his copy of Myst III Exile. Determined to make some impact here before I put the first of four CDs in. I'm going to delete a few bits unneeded bits from index...

Measuring the goodness of a worm

Posted 20 August 2003

As a solution AntiBlaster was criticised for the damaging internet traffic its deployment created. Beyond that, the difference between AntiBlaster and what Microsoft is considering seems to be a fine one.

Consuming habits

Posted 22 August 2003

Still within the first handfull of posts here, I have become distinctly aware of my creation / consumption imbalance.


Posted 24 August 2003

Maude says,

NetNewsWire meets Web Kit

Posted 24 August 2003

Keen to see this in action I had a go making my own NetNewsWire style sheet. The most interesting aspect of the CSS below is the use of fixed positioning to keep the title of the entry visible in the non-combined view.