March 2013

One hundred

Posted 24 March 2013

The number one hundred created from yellow and blue blocks and pieces from infant toys. A red Duplo base plate in on the biege rug alongside.

Days of Google Reader

Ninety nine

Posted 25 March 2013

Light blue on black digital display on a microwave. The displayed number is ninety nine. Under in smaller glowing orange is 100%.

Days of Google Reader

Ninety six

Posted 28 March 2013

White baby bib. The yellow ties are looped forming a nine and six.

Days of Google Reader

Ninety five

Posted 29 March 2013

Blue masking tape on a frosted glass window – obscuring the detail of greenery outside. The spaces between the tape mask the shape of the digits nine and five.

Days of Google Reader

Ninety four

Posted 30 March 2013

Dry loose gum leaves on the footpath. Together they spell the digits of ninety four.

Days of Google Reader